Sykes Houston of Austin and Mason, Texas is a leather crafter who specializes in belt making.  In addition, he has adapted and/or developed several useful items which he utilizes in belt making.  These useful devices are offered to the public for sale.  Two of these items are listed below.  Click on the particular items on the left to see photographs.

Sykes is proud of the Mason Punchers 2011 State Champion Football team and has designed several belts with horseshoe buckles and conchos that celebrate this accomplishment.

Custom designed Stitching Pony  with QUICK RELEASE CAM LEVER. The stitching pony is made from fine red oak and is available for sale.  These stitching or lacing vises hold the leather very firmly, yet the vise is leather lined to protect your leather from marking.  The stitching vise is operated with a QUICK RELEASE cam lever which allows quick movement during your stitching or lacing process. No longer do you have to loosen and then re-tighten the vise with a cumbersome wing nut or hold your leather product in place with continuous pressure with foot pedal.  The Stitching Pony is handmade in Central Texas and can be made to your exact specifications.  The smaller stitching pony can be made as a lap model wherein you sit on the device to hold it secure.  A larger model rests on the floor and is held in place by a foot.  Price for the smaller Stitching Pony, which is held in place by sitting on it, is only $37.50, and the larger Stitching Pony, which is held in place on the floor by your feet, is $85.00.  Shipping and handling are additional.

Stainless steel templates for tapered leather belt billets and buckle ends.  Templates to reduce belt blanks of 1 1/2" to 1"; 1 1/4" to 3/4" and 1" to 5/8".  Templates for buckle ends will accommodate one or two keepers (belt loops).  The templates are designed for easy and accurate marking or cutting of belt blanks to standard tapered sizes.  Complete set of three templates crafted of polished stainless steel is $80.00 plus shipping and handling.

Custom made belts for children, ladies, and gentlemen.

Sykes Houston